Department Responsibilities

The Department of Administration shall be responsible for functions for the Chief Administrator and assisting departments, boards, commissions and units of the Municipality in carrying out their duties.

The Department of Administration shall be headed by the Chief Administrator James Morrison, who shall be responsible for the performance of the function of the Department.


Administer the personnel system of the Municipality subject to the provisions of law, the Charter or ordinance, including such matters as:

  • Recruiting and recommending persons for municipal employment.
  • Developing and maintaining the position classification and pay plans.
  • Participating in and administering labor relations programs, including contract negotiations, contract administration and related programs.
  • Developing and maintaining personnel rules and regulations.
  • Assisting departments in developing and conducting employee training and development programs.
  • Assisting departments in preparing personnel planning programs.
  • Review, analyze and recommend improvements in the administrative organization and procedures throughout the Municipality.
  • Assist departments and other units of the Municipality in the development of administrative manuals and in the solution of administrative and organizational problems.
  • Perform such research and studies as the Mayor may direct.
  • Prepare and carry out public relations programs.
  • Maintain property and inventory records.
  • Provide staff assistance to boards and commissions, where appropriate.